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'The abduction of Michael Relfe involved the conspiracy of conducting mind control commands at Montauk.


The following mind control commands were induced on Michael Relfe during abduction routines at Montauk,[1] since the age of eight.[2] Relfe may also have been subjected to an advanced type of influencing machine.[3] All of the commands listed are seemingly by the playbook of the Monarch Project.

Conditioning commands[4]
  1. “Don't make love”.
  2. “You can't perform”.
  3. “No woman wants to have sex with you”.
  4. “You can't keep it up”
Here he got the realisation that they wanted him to love no one but them.[4]
  1. “You can't trust anyone”
  2. “You have no friends”
  3. “Women are sluts”
  4. “You don't need anyone”
Mission commands[5]
  1. “Keep everything secret”
  2. “Don't betray”
  3. “Tell no one”
  4. “You're special”
  5. “Keep your word”
  6. “There's nothing there”, Repeat " There's nothing there".
  7. “Fight the enemy”
  8. “Never give up”
  9. “Tell the truth”
  10. “Loyalty and honour”
Erasing commands[6]
  1. "You won't remember this"
  2. "Erase your memories"
  3. "Block this"
  4. "You will forget"
  5. "This didn't happen"
  6. "You're imagining things"
  7. "This isn't real"
  8. "You're dreaming"
  9. "This can't be happening"
  10. "It's only a dream"
Commands continued...
  1. "Forget all about it"
  2. "You won't remember this"
  3. "Forget everything you've seen here"
  4. "Go back to sleep"
  5. "Keep dreaming"
  6. "You will forget about us"
  7. "Aliens are not real"[7]
  8. "It's all science fiction"
  9. "You will forget everything"
  10. "Your memories are gone"


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