Moloch is a demon worshiped since at least Egyptian times - perhaps even earlier. Moloch is known as the "patron deity" of child molesters, and it demands child sacrifice. Its avatar is a bull or (less frequently) an owl. Moloch's realms are fire, war, and child sacrifice. Moloch may or may not be Satan, but it's probably a lesser demonic entity who's on a serious power trip.

Rivalry with Kek[edit | edit source]

Moloch is diametrically opposed to the deity known as Kek. While Kek represents primordial chaos or "the darkness before the light", Moloch represents artificial order maintained through force and aggression.

Relationship with the Owl of Minerva[edit | edit source]

Moloch appears to have a symbolic relationship with the Owl of Minerva, as they are frequently portrayed together and share the dominion of war. The Owl of Minerva is said to serve the Greek goddess Athena.

Moloch Worship in Real Life[edit | edit source]

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