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Mont Order evidence A Isen pic

The Mont Order's symbol, as it appeared in a banned Roman Catholic Church history book

Mont Order Fireball Ability

Fireball imagery related to the Mont Order mythology and iconography

The Mont Order society is an alleged ancient underground secret society of thinkers who claim to believe in universal brotherhood and progress. Most stories of the Mont Order come from the leaked Work of the Mont Order book. Although some Mont Order members will try to hide its secrets by saying the book is a forgery, it is clearly too big and too detailed to have been forged. In the book, the Mont Order claims to be the source of many world events including the formation of republics around the world and the spread of globalization, using both nonviolent and violent tactics throughout history. Most of the time, the Mont Order will not act violently but it will spread extremist writings in hope of disturbing the peace and bringing down governments. The Mont Order will not act directly but try to use others as puppets to achieve its ancient goals. These goals are hard to understand for anyone outside of the Mont Order but include a search for world power similar to the Illuminati.

Mont Order origins in France?[]

The Mont Order society is related to the French Revolution and the violent "Terror" afterwards, with many believing the Mont Order was responsible for the many beheadings of nobles in that period and its acts were the origin of the word "terrorism".

Even older origin stories of the Mont Order[]

Mont Order man floating

Mont Order members are alleged to be able to teleport and use the ancient Mont power of fire-casting, the ability to generate and throw fire with their hands

In addition to its fearsome reputation, the society is believed to be extremely old, possibly created by ancient primitives. Some strange occult belief exists that it was created in the origin of the universe itself.

Accounts exist of the Mont Order sacking Rome, executing the King of France, and starting The World War. It claims to have always existed in the "shadows of the churches" in European Christendom, and a number of paranormal stories and claims exist about the Mont Order.

Mont Order as an elitist secret society[]

Although the Mont Order are a group of elites and don't tend to let others join their group, they claim to be on the side of the poor and to have seemingly Christian values, despite their members often being Muslims.

Supposed Mont Order supernatural powers[]

There are accounts that Mont Order members have a variety of supernatural abilities. Stories suggest Mont Order members can project themselves into dreams, transport themselves and objects great distances instantly (teleportation), and cast fire against targets using no more than their exposed hands. The last known vague story about this was fictionalized as a testimony about a Mont Order member being disfigured and burned trying to use the ability, before the Order itself was apparently destroyed in the year 1999. Other Mont Order powers alleged include an ability to perceive and manipulate history, although how this is done is never clearly explained.