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Moon conspiracies consist of fake Moon landings, moon bases, Hollow Moon, crashed extraterrestrial ships, etc.

Fake Moon landing[]


After careful analysis of the Moon landing footage of Apollo 11, some critics determined inconsistencies with shadows and Moon physics, portrayed in the film released by NASA. This led to the conspiracy that, perhaps the Apollo 11 mission, from July 16th to 21st, 1969, was a scam to claim victory over the Space race against the Soviet Union; only to land on the Moon at a later date. Fringe theorists believe that the entire Apollo program 11-17 was faked.

The Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter had taken thousands of photos of Apollo mission[1][2][3] landing sites with photos showing most of the six flags (and the Apollo 11 one that blew over by the rocket exhaust in takeoff). However, the inconsistencies that were critiqued, in the made-for-public Apollo 11 Moon landing footage was correct—the film did in fact have, what is called, video-pollution.

Apollo 11 cameras recorded some florescent lights in the north side of the moon. So apparently, the real footage from Apollo 11 was classified 'top secret'. Thus, the NASA editing team, appended the original Moon footage with staged video on Earth to get the desired affect that NASA was intending to present to the public.

But the lights continued to flash,[4] and ultimately THEY (puppet masters) were ultimately forced to reveal the truth to the public.[5]

Moon bases[]

Linda Moulton Howe claims that Neil Armstrong was told by NASA, to move the lunar lander camera lense out of view of an otherworld presence that was there at the landing site.[6]

Corey Goode and David Wilcock professes that a "Lunar Operations Command” is setup on the far side of the moon, under the direction of the Secret Space Program.