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Moon pyramid conspiracy involves NASA, European Space Agency (ESA), Roscosmos, and China-NSA coverups of artificial structures on the Moon, in the shape of pyramids.


An out-of-place image was developed with NASA’s Magazine 135/G (B&W) EVA-2, Frames 20533-20680. The Magazine came from Apollo 17 bearing a sequence of images that capture Apollo 17 Lunar Roving Vehicle traversing.[1]

The out-of-place image occurs at AS17-135-20680 (OF300), which depicts two geometrical pyramid forms. NASA gave it the description, “LRV Floor? Sunstruck”[1] leading skeptics to conclude that the image below, is an “image shot of the Lunar Rover Vehicle’s floor as the film was being changed in the camera.”[2]


AS17-135-20680 (OF300) from NASA’s Magazine 135/G (B&W) EVA-2, Frames 20533-20680


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