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Vanessa Guillén, 20

Murder of Vanessa Guillén, 20, is a victim of a sexual assault ring at a Fort Hood, Texas, involving multiple deaths of US soldiers. Up to seven known cases of violent deaths in central Texas are linked to Ft. Hood, whereby Fort Hood’s Public Affairs office declines to give any updates, says Fox 44[1] (See Fort Hood conspiracy).



Guillen's mother, Gloria, wants US Congress to investigate Fort Hood's handling of her daughter's disappearance.

The disappearance and remains found of Vanessa Guillén is one of many soldiers killed during their tour at Fort Hood. In the last year, five soldiers have died violent deaths in Central Texas, reports KXAN.[1]

20-year-old U.S. Army soldier Vanessa Guillén was murdered approximately on 22 April 2020 allegedly inside a Fort Hood, Texas, armory.[2] Pfc. Vanessa Guillen is said to have been bludgeoned to death on Army base, according to family attorney, Natalie Khawam.[3]

US Army Criminal Investigation Command (CID)[4] indicated to the Guillen family that Vanessa was “bludgeoned to death with a hammer in the armory room where she worked,” and that “Her body was transported from the military installation by her killer”.[5]

Guillén was last seen in the parking lot of her barracks at Fort Hood on April 22, according to CID.[5]

Partial remains of her body was found near Leon River on June 30.[4]

Operation Mockingbird

When discovery of Guillén’s remains was made public, Aaron David Robinson, 20, who held the rank of Specialist, allegedly deserted Fort Hood. In other reports, he “left his post”.[4]

The official report given by US Army Criminal Investigation Command[4] to media outlets is that “Robinson fled Fort Hood and fatally shot himself shortly after midnight when law enforcement approached him in Killeen, Texas.”[2]

The majority of media reports avoid stating that Robinson’s race is African American.

The Army, League of United Latin American Citizens and Houston rapper Baby Bash have pooled together a $55,000 reward for information on Vanesssas Guillen's disappearance.[4]



Phone records led investigators to suspects in Vanessa Guillen's disappearance

US Rep. Sylvia Garcia of Texas, demanded an independent investigation into Fort Hood's handling of the murder of Guillen, one of Garcia's constituents.[5]

Garcia said it would be up to Defense Secretary Mark Esper "to make sure that the Department of Defense does its job, and does a full independent investigation."[5]

In response, the US Army called for a panel of four civilian consultants to review the "command climate and culture" at Fort Hood in Texas, in the wake of the killing of Spc. Vanessa Guillen. The consultants' names have not yet been made public. They are expected to spend five to 10 days on the base.[5]

By bringing in outside consultant civillians, it (1) allows the matter to be taken outside of Army hands,[5] (2) prolongs a proper military investigation, and (3) enables a potential coverup of a sexual assault ring involving high level officers.

The prolonging process in a sizable coverup is given in the following report:

“It's not clear what the consultants could do regarding talking to civilians off base. While on base, they are expected to review previous command climate surveys, inspector general reports, criminal military justice reports and the sexual harassment and sexual assault response programs at Fort Hood.”[5]

Cecily Anne Aguilar, wife of an unnamed former Fort Hood soldier[4]

CID investigators told the family that “[Vanessa’s] car keys, room key, identification card and wallet were found in an armory room where she was working that day,” and that, “Robinson called a woman he was involved with to help him dispose of Guillen's body after moving it outside the base.” Texas Rangers arrested a suspect identified as Cecily Anne Aguilar, the estranged wife of a former soldier from Fort Hood, a civilian.[4]

In a news release by Killeen Police Department, they state that "As officers attempted to make contact with the suspect, the suspect displayed a weapon and discharged it toward himself. The suspect succumbed from a self-inflicted gunshot wound."[4]

Mayra Guillen, sister of Vanessa, said, "Whoever is responsible has to pay, and we demand a congressional investigation."[4]

Sexual assault ring[]


The body found at Leon River was so brutally dismembered and burned that investigators were unable to use dental records to make any identification.[6]

Unconfirmed remains

The investigation into Guillen's disappearance is separate from another into her family's claim that she was sexually harassed. Investigators are also leaving it open that the remains they found at Leon River may not be Guillen’s body, as it has not yet been officially confirmed. The remains were found in a shallow grave, and search operations were suspended, pending identification, said Texas EquuSearch.[4]

US Army Criminal Investigation Command (CID) and civilian law enforcement are investigating Guillen's disappearance.[5]

Army Inspector General investigation is assessing whether the climate fostered by Fort Hood commanders is supportive of reporting incidents of sexual harassment and sexual assault.[5]

Fort Hood is conducting an investigation in “whether Guillen was sexually harassed,”[5] or not.

Defense Secretary Mark Esper and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs Gen. Mark Milley were questioned about Guillen's death during a congressional hearing on 9 July 2020. Milley raised concerns that warning signs of serious trouble may have been missed.[5]

No evidence of misconduct by Robinson

There is "no credible evidence" for sexual assault in the case of Aaron Robinson (above), says CID[4]

Venessa Guillen and Aaron Robinson were co-workers, but were located in different buildings; he was not in her line of command. CID was looking into Robinson's interactions with Guillen, but there was "no credible evidence" Guillen had been sexually harassed or assaulted by Robinson. CID said on July 1 that “investigators had conducted more than 300 interviews in the case.”[4]

Venessa Guillen, 20, was a small-arms repairer assigned to Support Troop, Engineer Squadron, 3rd Cavalry Regiment. A private first class when she disappeared, she was promoted to specialist effective July 1, based on time in service, according to Fort Hood.[5]

Aaron David Robinson, 20, was a soldier from Calumet City, a southern suburb of Chicago, Illinois. Robinson had joined the Army in October 2017 and was trained as a combat engineer.[7] Robinson was a combat engineer assigned to A Troop, Engineer Squadron.[5] He held the rank of Specialist at the time of his death.[7]


“No credible evidence”

Sexual assault

Before Guillen went missing, she told her family that she was being sexually harassed by one of her sergeants at Fort Hood, according to a website her family set up to promote the search. The sergeant has not yet been identified. The familiy conveyed to Attorney Natalie Khawam, that Guillen may have planned to file a harassment complaint, but perhaps the assailant had become enraged if she threatened to report him.[4]

Spc. Aaron Robinson, was suspected in the disappearance of Guillen,[5] who had allegedly, according to US Army Criminal Investigation Command,[4] “killed himself after police confronted him in Killeen, Texas,” in a July 1 statement.[5]

On July 2nd, CID stated, "While law enforcement agencies attempted to make contact with the suspect in Killeen, Texas, Specialist Robinson displayed a weapon and took his own life."[4]

Fort Hood officials said they were not aware of reports of sexual harassment involving Robinson but the investigation was ongoing.[4] Robinson "was not in CID custody" at the time he fled the installation.[4]

Texas Rangers arrested another civilian suspect in connection with the case, according to CID.[5]

Murdered Ft. Hood soldiers

Killeen Police Department and Harker Heights PD confirmed they have pending investigations involving 5 other soldiers brutally murdered just this year.[1]


Pvt. Gregory Wedel-Morales missing since 2019

Pvt. 2nd Class Gregory Wedel-Morales, was found dead June 19, who went missing last year while driving in Killeen, Texas. Authorities discovered skeletal remains,[8] claimed to be his, about 26 miles from the Leon River site.[4] The discovery was in a field in Killeen, Texas, after U.S. Army investigators received a tip directing them to the location of the body, officials said.[8] Wedel was scheduled to be discharged within days of his disappearance, the Army said. Foul play is also suspected in Wedel-Morales' death, and the Army is offering a $25,000 reward for information.[4]

20-year-old Shelby Tyler Jones was shot in Killeen near Fort Hood Street on March 1.[1]

23-year-old Shaquan Allred and Freddy Delacruz were killed in an over night shooting in Killeen.[1]

Police found their bodies along with another individual overnight in mid-March.[1]

Harker heights police are investigating the murder of 27-year-old Brandon Rosecrans who was shot and killed and his vehicle left on fire in May.[1]

Wedel family said, “Its frustrating that there haven’t been any arrests made in anything else. Its just nothing. You don’t hear anything about Greg. Nothing about Brandon. Is that what it takes? Is a lawyer and publicity to beat the army up to get answers? I mean we can all do that.”[1]

Attorney Khawam said of Guillen, "If this could happen to Vanessa, this can happen to any one of our sisters, daughters and mothers. There's no reason why a young beautiful girl who joined the Army, to honorably serve our country, should be in a shallow grave near on our own turf."[4]

WedelandGuillen Although authorities said there is no connection between the two cases of Wedel-Morales and Guillen, Atlanta’s Cold Case Investigative Research Institute founder, Sheryl McCollum, disagrees, who maintains that the soldiers’ deaths are linked.[9]

The family of Gregory Wedel-Morales says that lack of justice coupled with a lack of transparency is serious cause for concern adding that Fort Hood needs to do a better job of ensuring safety for their younger soldiers on and off post.[1]

Fox 44 reached out to Fort Hood’s Public Affairs office to get an update on their current investigations involving the deaths of the soldiers and received no response.[1]


Mother of missing soldier Vanessa Guillen 'I want my daughter alive!'

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