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The Netflix conspiracy involves the film streaming service, Netflix, Inc., being commissioned by Committee of 300, among other streaming services, to pacify the populous during crisis world situations that may involve the existential threat of mankind as proposed by the Club of Rome.



Netflix produces original content that portrays crimes against underage children in fictional universe content. Both underage actors, and actors portrayed as being underaged are used. The insensitive portrayals of children in films are a byproduct of a number of child endangerment rings in the film industry. Child rings in the film industry were confirmed with regards to CW actors in Smallville, a series that formerly streamed on Netflix, but has switched to Hulu.

In Stranger Things series 4, children are seen murdered and getting murdered. The protagonist is portrayed as having murder them. In Rim of the World, child sex acts are portrayed amongst minors who are underaged actors.

Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph

Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph, Netflix owners, nod to a minor rim job.

In the Netflix original, Rim of the World, directed by McG and written by Zack Stentz, the science fiction film promotes child sex acts amongst minors. Ars Technica calls it, "a fresh and fun original film from Netflix".

The movie portrays a 13 year old child being subjected to falacio by an alien entity as an alien sticks a bodily probe into a boy's mouth. Pop Buzz says, "jokes and stereotypes deemed to be problematic by some."

Common Sense Media warns parents about this movie, and goes into more depth about what the child actors were subjected to perform for this Netflix original.[1]