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A New World Order conspiracy involves a Cabal or Deep State influencing revolutionary acts within an institution which sometimes, but not always, results in the dissolution of a government. The formation of Protestantism[1] breaking away from the Roman Catholic Church under Martin Luther a former Catholic, and the acquisition of the New World in the Americas in direct opposition to King George III of England are some examples of New World Orders.



Before a Joint Session of Congress - 11 September 1990 -Historical Speeches TV-

A New World Order conspiracy that involves the dissolution of a government, includes border resignments and acquisition of assets. In the United States, the concept was first brought up into general public awareness by George H W Bush on September 11, 1990 at 9:09 p.m in his "NWO speech". Bush was forecasting Soviet collapse a year prior to its dissolution. The fall of the Soviet Union officially ended on 25 December 1991.[2]

Fears of dissolution of the United States has been written about in a number of books by futurists and economists, even late in the Cold War period. An article and discussion was even posted on Wikipedia until the page was deleted 20 February 2021. The page had outlined a number of theories that threaten the integrity of the United States (See the deletion log here:

Elements for ushering a new world order that could affect the integrity of the United States government is: project Blue Beam, or a technological singularity. The Deep State operatives are proposed as being the Council of 13, Committee of 300, or the Illuminati. The Cabal, being comprised of tycoons, a military-industrial complex, and an "elite class", operate or manage "Cabal Control Centers" used to facilitate a new world order.

A conspiracy for a New World order in the United States, is more of a growing fear for Americans who value freedom, liberty and democracy within their nation's borders. The conspiracy operates within the government, acting as a shadow. It make subtle changes, often in direct opposition to Congress, by engaging in clandestine activities.

Symptoms of a New World Order may result in states seceding, such as attempts made by Texas and other states since the 2020 protests (See also Fort Hood declares war on United States and Race war).

According to Beter, three major factions have laid the foundation for a New World Order through Bilderberg meetings, that affects the entire world:

  1. Rockefeller, controlling modern U.S. affairs, ie oil
  2. Rothschild, controlling West intelligence
  3. Bolshevik Axis and New Kremlin Rulers,[Needs verification] controlling East intelligence


MKUltra is a projekt that was developed out of Nazi Germany. After the dissolution of East and West Germany, the programme was absorbed into a number of secret intelligence organizations from various nations. The programme (presently under a different project name) utilises these facilitators:

  1. Financial institutions, such as the Federal Reserve system (called the Babylonian Money Magic Slave System[3]).
  2. Universities and Research Groups, Biotechnology, Psychology, and Pharmaceuticals
  3. State government, Health, Welfare, and Unemployment agencies
  4. Media, Social Media, Free online international encyclopedias, and streaming services

Funding for the programme heavily relies on, legal and illegal drug trade, human tracking, sex slaves, the pornography's industry, and untraceable black market transactions.

The programme involves research and development of chemicals and drugs tested on abused candidates from broken homes, and homeless people.

Methods for programming the human mind into doing things you wouldn't normally do, are trauma-based, sexualisation, or media influencing. This venue is used to incite erratic behaviour, or trigger people to make decisions based on fear.

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