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Shortwave Radio Oddity Roundup

Number Station conspiracies involve shortwave radio Number stations. These mysterious broadcasts are found on shortwave bands, however no one knows what their purpose is, and no country admits their use.


Number Stations have been around since World War I, but the signals are said to actively haunt the airwaves after World War II, since beginning of the Cold War. With the collapse of the Soviet Union many expect these stations to disappear overtime, but radio monitors indicate these signals continue to exist with new ones surfacing every now and then along with stations that have operated for decades.

There are many speculations as to what these numbers stations are; theories point to covert government-sponsored broadcasts for spies abroad, illegal activities such as drug trafficking, for various scientific research and undisclosed military operations. However, to this day, no organization, broadcaster or country has ever admitted the use of these stations.

The Buzzer[]

The Buzzer has been broadcasting a continuous pulse since the 1970s. It's claimed to be an automated Soviet doomsday project… when it goes off the air— the world will end.[1]

The Swedish Rhapsody[]


1 01 The Swedish Rhapsody


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