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Operation Paget was the Metropolitan Police inquiry, led by Lord Stevens, that investigated the conspiracy theories surrounding the deaths of Diana, Princess of Wales and Dodi Al-Fayed on August 31, 1997.

Summary of Criminal Investigation Report[]

The criminal investigation report's chapter titles are:

Chapter One- Relationship / Engagement / Pregnancy (Alleged motives for the conspiracy)
Chapter Two- Perceived Threats to Diana, Princess Of Wales
Chapter Three- Actions of the Paparazzi in Paris
Chapter Four- Henri Paul - Hôtel Ritz Paris Security Officer and driver of the Mercedes
Chapter Five- CCTV / (traffic cameras) in Paris
Chapter Six- Mercedes Car
Chapter Seven- Blocking Vehicles / Unidentified Vehicles / Bright Flashes (The Journey to the Alma Underpass)
Chapter Eight- Post-Crash Medical Treatment of Diana
Chapter Nine- The Embalming of the Body of the Princess of Wales at the Pitié-Salpêtrière Hospital
Chapter Ten- Actions of the French Authorities
Chapter Eleven- Actions of the Foreign & Commonwealth Office / British Embassy, Paris
Chapter Twelve- British Authorities Actions with regard to 'Suspicious Deaths'
Chapter Thirteen- Bodyguards of Mohamed Al Fayed (Trevor Rees-Jones, Kieran Wingfield and Reuben Murrell)
Chapter Fourteen- ‘James’ Andanson – French Photo-journalist and owner of a White Fiat Uno
Chapter Fifteen- Central Intelligence Agency /National Security Agency, USA
Chapter Sixteen- The Secret Intelligence Service (MI6) and the Security Service (MI5)

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