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Operation Vigilant Eagle is a Homeland Security Operation, headed by the FBI,[1] to identify and neutralize US Citizens who criticize President Obama and/or the Obama Administration.[2]

The operation has since been used to incarcerate Veterans who speak out against the Government. Many of the Veterans detained under this program are denied due process and forced to undergo psychological exams against their will. Veteran soldiers of Iraq and Afghanistan have been primary targets. No "Lone Wolf" terrorist actions or plots have been uncovered using this program. No "Lone Wolf" Terrorists have been stopped by this program. It is used as an excuse to arrest and detain Veterans who exercise their First Amendment Rights and voice their displeasure with the Government.

Swat Teams have been specifically trained to deal with Military Veterans with Weapons Training and Experience. American citizens, especially Police and Military veterans, from both liberal and conservative side of the political spectrum are targeted. Examples include members of White supremacists (Tea Party movements), Citizen militia (Occupy movements),[2] and other patriotic anti-government groups. The targets are labeled as mentally ill with "oppositional-defiance disorder", [3] and the cause could be as simple as posting controversial song lyrics and political views on Facebook[4]

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