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USS Eldridge

USS Eldridge (DE-173)

The Philadelphia Experiment conspiracy alleges that the US Navy denies using invisible technology to render the USS Eldridge (DE-173) invisible to radar and… ‘the naked eye’ on October 28, 1943.


In October of 1943, at the Philadelphia Naval Shipyard, an experiment was conducted aboard a US Navy Cannon-class destroyer escort called the USS Eldridge, number DE-173. The experiment involved the creation of a force field which rendered the ship invisible both to the eye and to radar. The experiment was witnessed by hundreds, possibly thousands, of sailors both ashore and on other ships nearby. Unfortunately, there were severe side effects to the crew on board ship. Some were found materialized inside the metal of the ship, others were never seen again, and still others were driven insane or plagued for years by mysterious cases of phasing in and out of existence.[1]

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