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The Plum Island conspiracy charges the Animal Disease Center for researching and facilitating biological weapons and diseases for the US government. The Plum Island Animal Disease Center is a United States federal research facility dedicated to the study of animal diseases. It is believed that cancer and HIV (AIDS) were first developed at this site.

Montauk Monster[]

Montauk monster

The Montauk Monster

More controversy targeting the Animal Disease Center started when an unidentified creature washed up on the beach of Montauk, New York. Pictures of the creature were taken after three friends found its carcass on the beach, and were uploaded on the internet. It has been nicknamed “the Montauk Monster”. Many speculate that the creature came from the Plum Island Animal Disease Center as being one of their "experiments". Attempts to debunk the carcass were made by calling it a prop for the 2009 movie "Splinterheads", but this was never confirmed. The current location of the Montauk Monster's carcass is unknown.

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