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This conspiracy is historical fact.

Poisoned alcohol the bad booze conspiracy was the poisoning of alcohol by order of the US government during the Prohibition in the United States,[1] a confirmed fact in US history.[2]


Between 1926 and 1933 the US federal government pushed manufacturers to use stronger poisons to discourage bootleggers from turning alcohol into moonshine.[3] At least 10% of industrial alcohol formulas had to contain methyl alcohol, a poisonous substance. Additional noxious ingredients were also included such as kerosene, gasoline, chloroform, formaldehyde and acetone.[4] By the end of Prohibition, more than 10,000 Americans had been killed by tainted booze. Much of the illegal booze was sold in infamous night spots called ‘speakeasies’ – named from "speak easy" the practice of speaking quietly or lightly about the place, if you're going to talk about it.[3]


Prohibition 770

In 1906, US Congress passed the first tax-free denatured alcohol act, which was designed to safeguard industries that required industrial alcohol. In order to keep suppling the industries that required alcohol, the government began to denature the alcohol (adding something to make the alcohol unfit for consumption) to make it “wholly unfit for beverage purposes.”

After reports of several deaths in the 1926 holiday season, the poisoning became an increasingly controversial tactic, though the government denied that their denaturing of the alcohol had anything to do with it.

“When the government puts poison into alcohol, a large percentage of which the government knows will ultimately be consumed for beverage purposes, such action is reprehensible and tends to defeat the very purpose of prohibition,” The Camden Morning Post, 1926.

A number of people, including a senator, put the blame for the deaths firmly at the hands of the government, and said that the practice was, essentially, "legalizing murder."[2]

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