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Police disguised rape crimes are more frequent than led to believe.

The Police disguised conspiracy regards the coverup of crimes that are committed by assailants who are disguised as police. It is extremely rare to hear of such reports when they happen. Police disguising is a common occurence in rape crimes.


It is very easy for criminals to disguise themselves as a policeman or an officer. Since most people do not resist police, many rapists use the strategy of disguising themselves as a police official to "arrest" their victims before raping them. Rape is such a serious crime that the additional crime of impersonating a policeman makes little difference to them. The police department of course has an interest in denying this fact or at least grossly downplaying its frequency, so the vast majority of such cases of course remain classified. Yet there are a few publicly known cases, as documented in the TV show Urban Legends: Mostly true stories.

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