Predictive Programming is a conspiracy theory that the Illuminati of the New World Order use media like TV shows and movies to influence or brainwash viewers, or even give hints about their plans.

Conspiracy[edit | edit source]

Conspiracy theorists have said that most examples of predictive programming can be found in cartoons. Examples of this are shows like Johnny Bravo which predicted 9/11 months before it happened and episodes of Family Guy which predicted the Boston Bombings before they happened.

Trump has predicted by The Simpsons in some episodes and many games and movies did. İt

The Simpsons[edit | edit source]

Lisa 9-11.jpeg

In an episode of The Simpsons, Lisa holds a brochure for New York which features a 9 right next to the twin towers which resembles an 11. Many believe that this was a hint at the 9/11 catastrophe before it actually happened.

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