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The Presidential conspiracy concerns U.S. Presidents being used as hand-puppets by the Military-Industrial Complex, so that the President can be used as a scapegoat during times of crisis. This often results in a democratic general population vilifying the opposing party President. In the social media age, the U.S. President is regularly subjected to being used as a verbal punching bag. Meanwhile, the Military-Industrial Complex gets away with U.S. policy changes that may interfere with or usurp Voting Rights. This system may be seen in other "democratic" countries, but is primarily prevalent in the United States.


A U.S. President is installed as a crisis actor. This activity has been going on at least since 1933, but possibly even as early as 1809, with the installment of U.S. President James Madison leading into the War of 1812.

In the U.S. Presidential Election Process, there are two voting schemes: (1) the Electoral College and (2) the Popular Vote. The Popular Vote is promoted by Big government and Big media to make it appear as if the citizen's vote has some bearing on a President being voted in. Since the Social Media age, this process has been increasingly subject to many scams and various forms of collusion.

The U.S. President serves as a puppet to the Military Industrial Complex. The three major ear marks of the Military Industrial Complex are (1) MKUltra (1953 to 1979), (2) HIV/AIDS pandemic (1980 to present), and (3) the Covid bioweapon (2019 to present).


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