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Project Camelot (or Project Looking Glass) is an attempt by the Cabal to see through time. "I have the ability to foresee future timelines. Some insiders claim that it allows one to peer into the future with “99.999% accuracy.” One insider has even said, “Why do you think no major world leaders have been assassinated any time recently? We now have the ability to “edit” history if we see something we don’t like.” [1] Little is known about the status of this project.

Looking Glass technology[]

According to insiders, the pineal gland had to be reverse-engineered in order to understand the science behind looking into the future.

“The basic idea behind the LG device is that three charged rings rotate around a simple barrel of water. This high-speed rotating charge creates a spherical electromagnetic shield -- which nothing can penetrate through. This means that you could not receive any radio, cell phone, satellite or wi-fi signals inside the barrel of water. The really interesting part is that the “pressure” that keeps the water molecules held in our physical reality is then released by this shield. The water molecules then naturally flip over into this parallel reality, and stay there -- forming a “portal” between our world and the universe of 3D time.” [1]