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Pyramid conspiracy involves many coverups to conceal the origins of pyramids, their function, secret locations around the world, and including up to the Moon.


All Gizah Pyramids

Giza Pyramid Complex

Antarctica pyramid like

Antarctica, pyramid like formation


The Ancient Underwater Pyramids in Wisconsin

Rock Lake, Wisconsin


Filtered with vignette effect, AS17-135-20680 (OF300)

Archaeological coverups regarding known pyramids, such as Giza Pyramid Complex, are in place to preserve established cultural academia and paradigms. Professional careers, research grants, and reputations are at stake.[1]

In Alaska, it has been reported that an enormous Dark Pyramid exists underground.

In Antarctica, their are reports of multiple artificial pyramid sites under ice caverns.

In Russia, two large step pyramids were found in the Kola Peninsula.

Settlers of Lake Mills, Wisconsin in the 1830s heard stories from the Winnebago Indians about “stone teepees” submerged in nearby Rock Lake.

Pyramids on the Moon are revealed on NASA image slide AS17-135-20680 (OF300) in Magazine 135/G (B&W) EVA-2, Frames 20533-20680. The Magazine came from Apollo 17.

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