Pyramid conspiracies attempt to explain the connection between all the pyramids around the world, built by various cultures.


All Gizah Pyramids

Giza Pyramids

Thermal cameras were used in 2016 to explore hard-to-reach areas within the layers of the Great pyramid in Giza. The heat signatures picked up from the stones, suggest hollow spaces behind the stones. The spaces could reveal how the pyramids were built. One researcher proposed the possibility of finding internal ramps, as a sort of scaffolding, at the center.[1]

Rumored pyramidsEdit

Antarctica pyramid like

Antarctica, pyramid like formation

  • Alaska, one enormous Dark Pyramid underground
  • Antarctica, multiple sites under ice caverns


The Ancient Underwater Pyramids in Wisconsin

The Ancient Underwater Pyramids in Wisconsin

Rock Lake, Wisconsin

The first settlers of Lake Mills, Wisconsin in the 1830s heard stories from the Winnebago Indians about “stone teepees” submerged in nearby Rock Lake.

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