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The Religious movement conspiracy is exactly that — a bowl movement. The conspiracy is that old and new religions have influenced the masses for personal and political gains. Virtually all religions have strict hierarchies that allow them to contain secrets from both members and outsiders. A common denominator with most Religious movements is that they are grounded in various forms of fanaticism.


Common examples of religious fanaticism is the shunning of non-adherents, members who do not fully conform, and deviants within their faith. Fanaticism also extends to taking action against other belief systems; such as: desecrating temples, statues, and holy grounds. Fanaticism also goes as far as imposing a belief system on others by means of violence, propaganda, or repetitious proselytizing.

Overall religious logic: If you don’t believe (or have faith), if you are not saved — you are damned, you are an infidel. You shall not see paradise, but eternal damnation.

Comply or die


The proselytizing of End Times for the ultimate destiny of humankind often promotes conspiracy theories about religions all around the world.

In Christian eschatology, the study of the Mark of the beast, the Number of the beast, and the Antichrist are often applied to Big Brother.

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