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Sensitive: The contents of this page are sensitive to victims, and events related to this topic may be ongoing. Please be considerate when editing.

Keep children safe. To report abuse, call ChildLine at 1-800-932-0313.

Ritual abuse is the utilization of trauma-based mind control, usually in the form of rituals, for the purposes of social engineering.


When applied in a ritualistic context, the intent of the Illuminati is to “harvest” negative emotions of its victims and to give perpetrators some sort of spiritual experience or satisfaction. This may be a type of hazing ritual in order to join certain Secret Societies. Alternatively, the perpetrators may legitimately believe that they are siphoning energy from their victims.

Violence, torture and mutilation are employed in the most extreme cases typically organized by big government entities for the purposes of mind splitting. Illuminati ritual abuse benefits big governments around the world by providing loyal soldiers, politicians, bankers and persons of extraordinary intelligence to – in their belief – loyally serve them to their dying breath.

In the most extreme circumstances, individuals are murdered in a sacrificial ritual.

The purported goal of Illuminati rituals is to channel of otherworldly entities for their own benefit. Perpetrators may believe that they themselves are the “channel” of such an entity by committing the satanic acts. Alternately, they may believe that by using the abuse as a channel in an of itself, that the entity will manifest itself by "taking over" the victim.


It is believed that the primary victims are “deviant” elements of society. Transients, runaway minors, children (especially those with neglectful parents), persons with mental illnesses, transsexuals and “LGBT”, older adults with dementia, and others considered “mentally weak” are deliberately procured, as “nobody would miss them” and the chance of the incident being investigated (or reported) becomes more unlikely.

At any given time, there are hundreds of thousands of missing persons around the world, some of whom have been missing for years or decades. It is conceivable, and it is a fact, that at least some missing persons are (or were) victims. [1]

Types of abuse

Childhood Sexual Abuse

Studies show that Childhood Sexual Abuse pre-programs children to behave in a manner that is either submissive (if female) or aggressive (if male), fitting into the categories of the “Beta Slaves” and “Delta Slaves” of MKULTRA.

Re-wiring a child's brain entirely, causes the structure and function of the brain to be different than that of a person who was not abused. The prefrontal cortex and amygdala function in a dysfunctional manner in the brain of a child who has experienced such trauma. The child may also be resistant to treatment addressing the damage that has been inflicted [2].

Circumstances behind satanic childhood sexual abuse are strongly controlled through the Elite’s network of schools, hospitals, clinics, restaurants, childcare facilities, and child entertainment facilities. This provides a never-ending stream of potential victims for Abusers and a “safe space” for Satanic Abuses to occur.

The pervasive belief that one’s parents, community or God have abandoned them serves to create a sense of learned helplessness in the victim; it prevents them from approaching police or the justice system. Threats are frequently employed, especially if the victim is found to have a strong will and resists the channeling. If the abuse was incestual, it serves to further embarrass the victim, provides a stronger cover for the Abusers, and allows for more dark energy to be siphoned.


Satanists may siphon dark energy simply from confusing the public. Confusion is a powerful emotion because it combines a fear of the unknown with some degree of frustration over being unable to understand the phenomenon. This fear and frustration act as fuel for perpetrators.

Some example of how perpetrators spread confusion...

  • Fomenting public chaos and discord (i.e. rioting and "blac bloc" protest tactics) [3]
  • Exposing children to traumatic news coverage, traumatic events, or pornography [4]
  • Spreading bizarre beliefs (i.e. eating dead bodies to combat climate change) [5]
  • Spreading art that depicts the sexualization of children (i.e. "lolita" culture). [6] - See Section Below
  • Creating bizarre artistic works that represent either strange ideas or nothing at all. [7]
  • Performing public rituals [8], whether satanic or not.
  • Establishing a social duty / standard of care, and then immediately changing the standard - with malicious intent - once the standard has been met (otherwise known as "Moving the Goalpost").

Sexualizing Children

"Drag Queen Story Hour" serves two purposes: firstly, it would ensure that the abusers have repeat access to their victims; secondly, it normalizes and standardizes the abuse in such a manner that neither the children nor the parents see such activity as abuse. Perpetrators may insist that sexual education is provided before the child reaches the proper level of maturity [9]. Perpetrators would put forth a necessity argument, stating that the information must be given to the children as a form of "education". Meanwhile, the child is at an age where they quite literally do not understand the information they are being given, and are feeling frightened. Perpetrators have advanced a "pro-pedophilia" agenda under the guise of the LGBTQ community. Acceptance culture would dictate that the sleeping sheep among humanity must accept pedophilia or be ostracized and "outed" as a "transphobe" or a "pedo-basher". [10][11]


Abortion providers do not provide information about what occurs post-abortion; do not tell the undertaker where the child’s body parts and blood go once removed from their womb; and repeatedly fail to explain how the undertaker should seek post-abortive psychological support. This is because they explicitly do not care. Abortion providers do not provide advice about how to avoid getting pregnant, for the purpose of harvesting.[12][13]

Abortion has nothing to do with a “woman’s right to choose”, and everything to do with resources and money. Dead bodies are extremely valuable to the Elite, for both the adrenochrome they can harvest from the babies as well as for the intense ritualistic value that child sacrifice carries in Illuminati Sacrifices. Selling body parts is also overseas big business to fund wars and militant activity.

Vicarious Trauma

Lengthy and purposeful exposure by one person to the trauma being experienced by another is called “vicarious trauma”. A number of professions engage in Illuminati abuse as a part of their employment, without ever realizing that there is a slow and deliberate siphoning of their energy taking place. Vicarious ritual abuse has even occurred in some cases of police officers, military personnel, healthcare providers, psychologist / counsellors, and pastors.

Rather than suggesting actual coping strategies that work (such as exercise or talk therapy), Illuminati-aligned organizations will simply encourage these professionals to "meditate", "do yoga" or other ritualistic, pseudo-spiritual activities. Meditation needs a calm mind to be effective, thus a traumatic and fragmented mind may have the opposite effect. Infact, it could be a quick and easy channeling conduit for satanic siphoning at a later time.

Combat Trauma

The Elite’s obsession with sending humans to fight their foreign wars, and their choice to deliberate expose soldiers to the maximum amount of combat trauma that they can be exposed to, as a means to an end.

Ritualistic Torture and Murder

A number of individuals have testified in court to acts of ritualistic torture and murder by perpetrators. In one case from Canada, a judge specifically used the term satanic ritual abuse to describe "[...] obscene graveyard atrocities involving [the victim] and other children" [14] In another case, a woman alleged that her much-older cousin committed satanic ritual abuse. The woman listed seventeen separate instances of rape, and sexual assault.[15]

Illuminati Sacrifices

[See article: Illuminati Sacrifices ]

When the Abusers are Found Out

The media will portray these victims as “crazy” or incredulous, even despite credible evidence presented by the victims and their families.

The Elites will try to discredit victims by attacking their mental health, their finances and their living situation once allegations begin. This speaks to the dark and cruel nature in which this agenda is carried out. There is no remorse for the victims, as the abusers are frequently sociopaths.

In the case of a disclosure - whether accidental or on purpose - abusers can be expected to pull out every stop available to them in a desperate last-ditch attempt to stop the truth from getting out. If the Elite in question has access to contract killers, they will frequently try to kill or incapacitate anyone who has any knowledge whatsoever of their methods, whether they were involved or not.

Persons stifled due to their knowledge

  • Jeffrey Epstein, a co-conspirator in human trafficking activities, was contained while in protective custody. Epstein possesses knowledge of organized sexual abuse of children from 2000 to 2016.
  • Sharon Tate, a victim of the notorious Manson Family, was murdered to prevent her from testifying to the cult's acts of Illuminati abuse.

Addressing satanism

Some people criticize ritual abuse as a form of moral panic. They believe that religious individuals have somehow concocted or "made up" such claims for personal benefit, and have advanced class action lawsuits merely to injure other parties. The judges in these court cases, and the length of the proceedings in these cases, speak to a different narrative entirely. Those who are advancing this conspiracy truly believe that they and others have experienced trauma, and it would appear their testimony is taken seriously, and indeed must be taken seriously.

There are frequent criticisms on the "satanic" aspect of ritual abuse, arguing that there is nothing in symbols and chants. These critics search for overt signs of "traditional satanism" and, finding none, insist that it must not be satanic, and that it is simply Christian / religious panic. In non-traditional satanism, there is no need to pronounce a prayer to "satan", as the act itself is spiritual contact for the abusers.

The "its not satanic" argument is a tactic designed to discredit victims while simultaneously advancing a merit-less (and frankly, bizarre) "anti-religion" emotional argument. Why would a satanist pray publicly? They would do so in private, where such an act would never be discovered, or would abuse in such a manner that the abuse is not found to be abuse. The argument suggesting that ritual abuse completely ignores and minimizes the credible testimony of individuals who have experienced real abuse on an organized ("ritualistic") scale. Arguing ritual abuse on the grounds of the semantics of the term "satanic" is, quite frankly, ridiculous. It ignores the fact that by replacing the term "satanic ritualistic abuse" with "organized abuse" or even something as outrageous as "psychological gang rape", the seriousness of these allegations (and the nature of the allegations) does not change in the slightest.

The media has been sharply critical of accounts of ritual abuse as of late. Alphabet media has a vested interest in permitting ritual abuse to occur due to the fact that they are largely funded by the Illuminati and many of them believe in Hollywood's ubiquitous Illuminati Religion. While some media accounts sensationalize the story for financial gain, the vast majority refuse to publish stories of ritual abuse ...either because they are too cowardly to defy their superiors, or because they support the concept of ritual abuse.

Some have argued that abortion is not a form of satanic ritual abuse. Tell that to post-abortive people whose lives are shattered by the experience of abortion. Killing a living being does not come without consequences. I would call those consequences, and the act of abortion itself, "satanic"; "organized"; and "abusive". Wouldn't you?

In Fiction

  • The video game "Harvester" strongly insinuates that the protagonist, Steve, is a victim of ritual abuse. Steve is initiated into the "Order of the Harvest Moon". Ironically enough, the actor who plays Steve (Kurt Kistler) would go on to be indicted for sex crimes against children, suggesting that this fiction is not too far from reality. [16] [17]

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