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S. Anon.[]

"S. Anon" is the mysterious conspiracy analyst and researcher who writes for the Conspiracy Wiki. S was responsible for the adrenochrome article, which was subsequently featured on InfoWars [1]. They have also written about satanic ritual abuse.

Articles Authored[]

Confirmed Information About S. Anon.[]

  • S does not know Q and is currently unaffiliated with the Q movement, though S's political orientation appears to be libertarian and/or anti-government.
  • S referred to an anti-abortion editor on this wiki as a "libtard", indicating that S is socially conservative.
  • S has been known to write "WWG1WGA", indicating that S is a supporter of President Donald J. Trump.
  • S may possibly be a Canadian.
  • S posts exclusively on the Conspiracy Wiki and does not possess a social media account.