Former satanist (1 of 2) bride of satan-0

Former satanist (1 of 2) bride of satan-0

Despite many disbelief and even disgust towards the idea - are government, media producers, celebrities, and others in similar categories around are all Satanic. They're all very excellent liars and are able to lie so well and keep secrets so well that people continue to get brain washed. The Illuminati for example are Satanists, there goal being to rule the World and after 911  they accomplished this.

Like many Rappers have said, they're in a gang. The Satanic cult being this gang, you can never get out without consequences.

People Who Want to Get Out of SatanismEdit

Those who wish to leave the cult often get killed, brain washed further, or even sacrificed for the congregation of the Satanic Church. This is because they know to much about the Satanistics (i.e. names, activities, etc.)

People who've been through this:

  • Michael Jackson: who wanted to warn people about the fake "swine flu" and the deadly injection that's to treat this "disease".
  • Britney Spears: this poor Celebrity was further brain washed in many means, she made the song "Rebellion" as her last warning to us.
  • John F. Kennedy: Possibly. He did have a speech involving secret societies on April 27, 1961 and he died on November 22, 1963. He could have been assassinated for this reason.

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