The history of Satanic worship and secret societies can usually be traced back to the Crusades in the 11th century. The Roman Catholic Church was responsible for organizing numerous Orders of chivalry for the crusades, under Catholic military order.

Satan worship involves offering human life to Satan, and drinking their Adrenalin induced blood. In modern times, Satan worship is known as Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA).


During the crusades, there were several "Christian" orders who were so blood thirsty they became corrupt, most notoriously, the Order of the Dragon. Some of these orders, who had their origins in Knights Templar and even the Rosicrucians, had become Luciferian, even holding rituals to Baphomet. The layers of a later Freemasonry, accompanied by its symbols and rituals, became the perfect nesting grounds for societies like the Order of the Illuminati. In the present day, many of the secret societies who manage or manipulate any of the Cabal Control Centers, are either competing against each other, or are working together under an umbrella called The Cabal to facilitate the New World Order.


  • 1120 - Knights Templar established as a secret Christian order
  • 1310 - 54 members of Knights Templar burned at stake for blasphemy, i.e worshiping Baphomet(Satan) / committing Sodomy.
  • 1616 - 2 manifestos had been published in Germany, Fama Fraternitatis RC & Confessio Fraternitatis announcing the Rosicrucians.
    • Rosicrucians took in members of Knights Templar, along with it's teachings
  • 1717 - London Grand lodge of Freemasonry, Rosicrucians merged with the Stone Masons guilds of Europe to create "Free Masons"

Order of the IlluminatiEdit

The Illuminati embedded itself as a secret society, or Brotherhood, within the onion peels of Freemasonry.

  • 1776 - A secret society was born in Theresienstraße, Ingolstadt: Order of the Illuminati, founded by Adam Weishaupt, a religion based on his twisted vision of how man should be governed.
  • 1777 - Adam Weishaupt initiated into masonic lodge
  • 1781 - Illuminati became a secret society within Freemasonry
  • 1782 - over 2000 participants attended the masonic Congress of Wilhelmsbad, sponsored by the Rothschild. It became the Illuminati headquarters.
  • 1784 - Illuminati exposed and subsequently banned by Bavarian government, along with all other secret societies
    • Most members fled to other countries, further spreading Illuminati philosophy
    • Adam Weishaupt started writing Illuminati books under the sponsorship of Duke Ernest II of Saxe-Gotha-Altenburg
  • Skull and Bones and other secret associations were established inside Universities, as recruiting arms of the Illuminati.

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