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Gary McKinnon

Gary McKinnon, 12 July 2006

A secret space program was revealed to the worldwide public following allegations against Gary McKinnon for hacking into US defense programs in 2002.


A secret space program called “Solar Warden” was disclosed to the World, after the Gary McKinnon 2002 hackings.[1] Big governments consolidated and reorganized their space defense complex in year 2002.

“Solar Warden” is more or less a codename that was used by the US. The hype of having the name “Solar Warden” now in our vocabulary, has the David Wilcock and Corey Goode show touting Solar Warden as if they have insider knowledge of it,[2] when none of them even knew what “Solar Warden” was before Gary McKinnon.[1]

W. M. Tompkins' recent Star Destroyer look-alike designs[3] of Solar Warden ships[2] may actually be an embellished version of Tompkins' earlier reports of the space fleet at the Sea of Tranquility. They were allegedly witnessed on live-feed from Apollo 11,[4] comparable to the looks of out-of-place artifacts.[5]