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Sexual assault in US military conspiracies are not limited to sexual harassment, but extend to prostitution rings and sex parties, as for example, the 2014 case of Fort Hood.[1]


Viral hashtag IAmVanessaGuillen inspires stories of sexual assault in the military


Guillen's mother, Gloria, wants US Congress to investigate Fort Hood's handling of her daughter's disappearance.


In 2014, Anu Bhagwati, executive director of Service Women’s Action Network and a former captain with the Marine Corps, said prostitution rings are not uncommon within the military and allegations against Gregory McQueen at Fort Hood are no surprise.[1]

“Institutionally, a lot of inappropriate behaviour is condoned,” Anu Bhagwati told AP, “Women are so few within the military still, that I think predators look at women as fresh meat, and the military as an institution, where they can get away with criminal activity.”[1]

Sex parties[]

In the 2014 Fort Hood conviction of Gregory McQueen, three woman testified to a prostition ring at Fort Hood since February 2013.[1]

McQueen reportedly planned "sex parties" for high-ranking officers at Fort Hood and recruited subordinate female soldiers to the prostitution ring.[2]

In the testimony of "Jane", she was reportedly paid to have sex with military higher-ups at a hotel after she was recruited. She then reportedly helped to recruit other women from Fort Hood for sex party operations.[2]


Prosecutors in 2014 said Gregory McQueen ran a prostitution ring at Fort Hood for a month or two that took advantage of cash-strapped female soldiers and connected them with higher-ranking officers.[1]

McQueen reportedly planned "sex parties" for high-ranking officers at Fort Hood and recruited subordinate female soldiers to the fledgling prostitution ring.[2]

In McQueen’s statement—‘he knew a man who would attend a party and have sex’ and that he believed [they] could “make money there and a lot of it.” He added, “We specifically talked about swinger parties, stripper parties.”[3]

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