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Shirley June Finn was a brothel keeper, nightclub operator and well-connected businesswoman and socialite in Perth, Australia. She was shot dead at about midnight on 22–23 June 1975 by an unknown assailant, spawning a popular conspiracy theory that she was killed by corrupt police.

Life Edit[]

Born to a bomber pilot during World War II, she lived a comfortable middle class life in the suburb of Mt Pleasant in Perth. Though successful at her schoolwork, she was sexually active by age 14, which caused her to be committed for eight months to a notoriously cruel Catholic Church welfare home. She ran away at 15 and worked in a woman's fashion shop, marrying a 22 year-old air force mechanic and moved to Melborune where she continued to work in retail.

She moved back to Perth and after having children and her husband became disabled due to a serious injury she began to work as a stripper, body-painter and eventually a sex worker. She also joined a group of witches who conducted "black magic and sex" activities in King's Park at night. Her kids were expelled from school because of this and her business was raided by police. She later became associated with organised crime figures from Kings Cross, Sydney (famous for something else) and operated a new business in 1969 with protection from corrupt police who protected her business.

In June 1975, her body was found in a parked car by a passing police officer at 8:30am outside a golf club, she was slumped behind the wheel and had been shot four times in the head at close range. She wore valuable diamond jewellery which had not been touched.[1]

Murder Theories[]

Theory #1: Corrupt Police[]

Given that her death came two days before a tax hearing at which she had threatened to expose the corruption of police, politicians and business identities. It is natural to assume she was killed to keep her quiet.[2] Police had access to guns and the ability to cover up investigations and several witnesses have said she was seen with Bernie Johnson, a former detective who multiple people claimed confessed to the murder.[3]

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