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Signals Intelligence (SIGINT or SI) conspiracy is unsanctioned use of intelligence-gathering through wires (cables) and wireless (radio waves). These techniques are utilised by intelligences of the Permanent members of the United Nations Security Council (P5), for the purpose of Big Brothering.[1]


ComInt has access to the Internet Backbone (bandwidth pipelines) within the US, and maintains partnerships with over 80 Global Corporations including Microsoft, Intel, IBM, Verizon, AT&T, Oracle, Qualcomm, EDS, HP, Cisco, Motorola, Qwest, and many more. ComInt directly accesses Google and Yahoo internet bandwidth pipeline for access to user data.[2][3][1] UEFI is suspected to be a product of US intelligence partnerships with Big Tech.

In the United States, PRISM is a project of 'INT'. There are 3 divisions(INT) in SIGINT:

  • COMINT: Communications Intelligence
  • ELINT: Electronic Intelligence
  • TELINT/FISINT: Telemetry Intelligence / Foreign Instrumentation Signals Intelligence