Signals Intelligence (SIGINT or SI) is a NSA/CSS intelligence-gathering operation through wires(cables) and wireless(radio waves). It is presumably headquartered in Information Operations Technology Center (IOTC), Fort Meade, Maryland,[1] with branches around the US, including San Antonio, Texas.

NSA PRISM is a project of this 'INT'.

There are 3 divisions(INT) in SIGINT

  • COMINT: Communications Intelligence
  • ELINT: Electronic Intelligence
  • TELINT/FISINT: Telemetry Intelligence / Foreign Instrumentation Signals Intelligence


ComInt has partnerships with over 80 Global Corporations including Microsoft, Intel, IBM, Verizon, AT&T, Oracle, Qualcomm, EDS, HP, Cisco, Motorola, Qwest.

ComInt also has access to Internet backbone (bandwidth pipelines) within USA,[2] and routers and switches made by US companies.

UEFI is suspected to be the born out of the partnership between Microsoft, Intel, Apple & NSA.


Fiber-optic cableEdit

Apparently, Google and Yahoo didn't give NSA enough data on their customers, so ComInt directly accessed their Internet bandwidth pipeline for access to user data.[3][4]

delivery InterceptionEdit


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