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Jose Silva

Jose Silva, 2016, one of the fathers of mind control

The Silva Mind Control program was a vector for Project MKULTRA in the 60s and 70s. The program was independently founded and ran by José Silva.

Childrens' courses[]

During World War II, Silva joined the Signal Corps where he studied psychology and advanced electronics, and then became an instructor. After he was discharged, he developed a mind control program in Laredo, Texas. By about 1963, he trained thirty-nine Laredo children.

A New York Times article on April 16, 1972 called "Can Man Control His Mind", reported that a Trinity University study showed that students who trained in Mind Control attained a high degree of Alpha level production. Silva's early program mostly focused on children 10 and higher.

In the 70s, parents could easily enroll their child in the Silva Mind Control course. Behind the scenes, Men in Black surveilled the program and kept tabs on the progress of select children who excelled in Silva's course. Children of interest were monitored into their early 20's until it was determined that they were ready for government research programs such as Monarch Project and Montauk Project.

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