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260px-Flag of South Africa

South Africa 's national flag.Red: Dutch. Blue: Britain. Yellow and green: African National Congress. White: White minority. Black: Black majority.

The South Africa conspiracy questions its racial equality (as symbolised by its Rainbow flag) due to White genocide in South Africa. Making public the issue of ‘genocides on whites’ has been scoffed as "white propaganda". South Africa is a country on the southmost point of Africa, having a very long history of racial conflict.



Before the Dutch arrived, South Africa was a dry unpopulated desert, there were only a few Khoisan tribes living in the small tropical areas of the eastern part.

1652: First meet with Khoisan []

Bartholomeus Vermuyden

Jan van Riebeek

The first European in South Africa, Jan van Riebeek meets the Khoisan people and buys a bit of land from them.

1770: First Black tribes emmigrate to South Africa []

The first black tribes immegrate into South Africa from the African Great Lakes (especially the Nguni people).

The Trekboere meet the black tribes from the Great Lakes at Morgan Bay.

12% of South Africa's land was given to the Bantu people.

1910: South Africa becomes a country []

South Africa for the first time became a country.

Racial conflict[]

  • 1948-1994: Apartheid (Blacks were put in 2nd class citizens).
  • 1994-present: White Genocide (White farmers die four times the national death number).