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The Sphinx is a lion, possibly with wings or human face. The sphinx seems to have been one of the principal deities of ancient Sumeria.

the Great Sphinx[]

The Great sphinx is a 70' tall by 270' long statue on the Giza plateau. On the 21st of March (Spring Equinox), the Sun is directly in front of the Great Sphinx. The statue of the Great Sphinx has erosion from what seems to be a 1000 years of rain, leading to theories that the Great Sphinx was made in a time with plenty of rainfall, before 10,000 BC.

It is theorized the Great Sphinx may have been made during the Younger dryas period, around 12,500 BC, looking at the Leo Constellation.

Another theory says the Great Sphinx statue was originally created as the statue of Anubis(dog), looking at Canis Major, in an even earlier period.