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Supernormal conspiracy was first mentioned in 1947 in Memorandum 6751.


Supernormal powers are extrasensory perception accessible by humans and controled through meditation and/or psychotropic herbs. These powers may also be gifted by advanced biengs to Humans.

Project MKUltra is responsible for some cases of human supernormal powers by inducing psychosomatic trauma. In some birth cases, use of experimental genetically modified drugs, surgeries, or cell splicing was used to prompt supernormal functions.

  • Human Magnetism : telekinetic
  • Tree-Man (Epidermodysplasia verruciformis condition) : ability to shapeshift into tree, and back to human
  • Spontaneous combustion : Pyrokinesis

Meditation is believed to harness and control supernormal abilities.

Government programs[]


A 2019 documentary on secret government ESP programs

There are decades of government research on supernormal powers by permanent members of the United Nations Security Council: Russia, United States, China, France, and United Kingdom (See ESP studies).

During the Cold War, KGB, CIA, MSS, DGSI, and SIS, from the Big Five (P5) mentioned above, had attempted to employ a psychic ability called Astral Projection, using “Remote Viewing” these groups had attempted to tap into the universal consciousness as a means for surveillance.

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