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The suppression of African people started with European superiority complex, with many European countries (especially UK) believing they were the superior race and everyone else should bow to them. This created a demand for cheap subservient labourers and economic resources, which funded the era of European expansionism & Colonialism. Nazi Germany's Jewish Holocaust was also a result of this superiority complex.

European colonies in Africa[]

By 1913, most of the African continent was colonized by European counrtries.


Africa occupied by European Supremacists

British concentration camp for Africans[]

trading African Slaves[]

the turning of Africa into a warren for the commercial hunting of black-skins, signaled the rosy dawn of the era of capitalist production

Karl Marx, Das Kapital

When Europeans settled in America after wiping out the native population, most of them did not want to work in the field under the hot sun. This need for farm labourers gave rise to the trading African Slaves. A European nation would buy kidnapped Africans, or kidnap Africans themselves, and transport them to their respective colonies in America, to sell them. 

It was started by the Portuguese, followed by the Spanish, and then came British, Portuguese, French and Dutch slave traders. British traders were the most efficient in bringing African slaves to the Americas.

Slavery in-Corporated[]

There was a civil war in USA. Southern United States wanted generational slavery, while Nothern United States wanted Corporate slavery. North won the Civil war, and slavery was in-Corporated as Wage Slavery, in 1809.

Generational slavery was a racist system where children of slaves were born into slavery. Wage Slavery is a classist system where children of Wage Slaves are forced to provide for themselves. This results in most of them dropping out of School (K-12), and become Wage Slaves. Thus, the cycle continues.


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