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Taj Mahal

Taj Mahal

The Taj Mahal conspiracy regards the coverup of the present Muslim temple as having once been a Hindu shrine dedicated to Lord Shiva. [1]

Tejo Mahalay[]

PN Oak claims in his 1989 book Taj Mahal: The True Story that the monument was built in 1155, decades before the Muslim invasion of India, and that its name is a corrupt form of the sanskrit term “Tejo Mahalay”, which signifies a Shiva Temple.

As per Padshahnama, written by ministers of Emperor Shah Jahan, Shah Jahan bought a palace from (King)Raja Jai Singh, grandson of (king)Raja Man Singh, and built his Taj Mahal on top of the Palace.

The matter has become a legal dispute, even going as far as calling for Muslim religious activity to be blocked and graves to be removed.

subterranean tunnels[]


Secret UNDERGROUND Zone of Taj Mahal

There is a large tunnel under the Taj Mahal leading to the Red fort of Agra, and this tunnel is named by locals as Badalgarh temple. According to rumors, this tunnel infrastructure also connects to a British colonial building, that used to be India's parliament, and now used as Delhi Legislative assembly, but it is blocked by other constructions, so nobody can be sure.

The tunnel entrances have now been blocked with metal grills, metal gates, and even brick and cement walls

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