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The Teleportation conspiracy concerns the US government allegedly stumbling upon a teleportation anomaly with the Philadelphia Experiment in late 1943, which kicks off test programs such as Project Pegasus and Montauk Project by the 1960s.

Vorta teleportation[]

See also: Tesla's X-ray experimentation
See also: Tesla's theoretical physics

Vorta teleportation, or "Tesla teleportation" is a term used by Andrew Basiago to describe the type of teleportation that the Secret Space Program uses. His reference to "Tesla" is a wink to Nikola Tesla (d.1943) for his research in the most important component that makes teleportation and time travel possible: "radiant energy" (Compare: Memorandum 6751, Line 7, "radiant energy"). Tesla believed the 19th century concept that an all pervasive "ether" transmits electrical energy.[1] If this theory is true, the same "ether" can transmit "radiant energy" (Compare: Memorandum 6751, Line 7, "etheric").

Jump rooms[]

Project Pegasus developed teleportation "jump rooms" in the early '60s, from early developments since 1947. The first teleportation event was conducted to Mars in 1964. Teleportations are conducted via a "jump room". Due to space and air constrictions, the maximum number of people that can jump at one time is three. It was typical to send just one or two people on a jump.

  • 1964: unknown jumper; First teleportation event: Mars
  • 1968 Nov/Dec: Andrew Basiago's first jump; cross-country
  • c. 1980: Andrew Basiago; Parsons jobsite, Saudi Arabia; espionage mission
  • 1984 May: Raymond F. Basiago; Mars jump
  • b. 2017, Code name: Karol

Time travel teleportation[]

Time travel technology, known as the chronovisor, was in its infancy since 1947, as a screen that was used to view repetitious past events. Known viewings were events surrounding Jesus of Nazareth, George Washington, and Abraham Lincoln. After the success of numerous teleportations in the 60s, time travel was finally incorporated into the teleportation jump scheme by 1970.

  • 1970 Aug/Oct: First time-travel jump.
  • 1971: Child team sent to civil war era; Gettisburg address
  • 1971 summer: Andrew Basiago; Sent 30 minutes prior to Lincoln's arrival to theater.
  • 1972: large black time-gate created.


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