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Joseph Banks 1773 Reynolds

Joseph Banks, one of the alleged members of the organization, as painted by Sir Joshua Reynolds in 1773.

The Architects (sometimes incorrectly mistaken for the The Watchers) is an illuminating organization of highly doubted existence. Although this article is based on confirmed information, the actual name of the organization is pure conjecture since no official statement has ever been made by the organization or one of its members.


The teachings and myths of the Architects dates back to a multitude of ancients civilizations, even as far back as the ancient Sumerian culture, the earliest known civilization in the world and known as the Cradle of Civilization. While the Architects represent a unique entity with a distinct perspective, their works and activity are sometimes attributed to other similar-sounding secret societies, including science-forward groups like The Illuminati and future-building concerns like Plus Ultra.

Current activities[]

Today the Architects are thought to be the keepers of the next step in human evolution given to humanity by extraterrestrials. What this next step is however, is unclear. Some believe it to be information that will radically change the view humanity has on philosophy, religion and physics while some believe it to be a number of the thirteen crystal skulls thought to forestall a catastrophe allegedly predicted or implied by the ending of the Mayan calender. When humanity is ready the Architects will reveal this next step.

Their current goal is therefore to prepare and illuminate the human race to such a level that it will be able to comprehend the alien gift. The means by which they do this is by moving humanity away from superstition and illogic towards science and logic as well as making sure that humanity reach its full potential. The Architects strive to create debate around topics such as religion, philosophy and science and make people think and by doing this gradually enlighten people. This is one of the many requirements of its members. They do however not wish to force the change upon anyone since this will not lead to understanding, only knowledge according to their view.

Alleged members[]

  • William Sinclair
  • Joseph Banks
  • Daniel Solander
  • Thomas Jefferson
  • Benjamin Franklin
  • Thomas Paine
  • Richard Dawkins