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The Citizen is a South African newspaper, known for its fake news and black empowerment, it got known as "The South African CNN".

The Citizen 's core readership are black supremacists.

The Citizen always does the following:

  • Defend the ANC no matter how racist they become.
  • Pretend the White Genocide of South Africa doesnt exist.
  • White racism in South Africa "doesnt exist".
  • Black nationalists are "not racist".


Friedman incident[]

In 2015, Jewish-South African comedian Daniel Friedman uploaded a song to youtube called "The White Genocide Song", in the song Friedman sings about various brutal ways of torturing and mutilating White Farmers, The Citizen has refused to fire Friedman and does everything in their will to defend him.

(see Willem Petzer 's video on the incident).

Friedman 's racist song is suprisingly not taken down by Youtube.