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The sea peoples are a group of people who were fleeing from something, around 1200 BC. In the course of fleeing forcibly to uninvited countries, they effectively destroyed most of the Kingdoms of that time.

Northern countries theory[]

The sea peoples had multiple outfits :

  • feathered headdresses
  • skullcaps
  • horned helmets - vikings ?

This suggests they came from different cultures.

Atlantis theory[]

There were 2 waves of sea people : 

  • 1207 BC (5th year of Mernetaph)
  • 1177 BC (8th yer of Ramses III)

This suggests that the disaster occured in waves, such as submerging of their homeland.

The Exodus[]

I overthrew those who invaded from their lands... The Shardana and the Weshesh of the sea, the were made as those that exist not, taken captive at one time, brought as captives to Egypt, like the sand of the shore. I settled them in strongholds bound in my name. Numerous were their classes like hundred-thousands. I taxed them all, in clothing and grain from the store-houses and granaries each year

Ramses III, Papyrus Harris