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The Zodiac Club is a secret society in New York that consists of twelve club members who meet and eat together six times a year. The representing members have conducted this tradition since 1868. Many conspiracy theorists like Mark Dice believe that the club has ties to the Illuminati.

Each member of the club represents a sign of the zodiac.

Known Members[]

Richard V. Lindabury (Aries)

John G. Milburn (Taurus)

Robert Bacon (Gemini)

Frank K. Sturgis (Cancer)

Joseph H. Choate (Leo)

Lewis Cass Ledyard (Virgo)

J.P. Morgan Jr. (Libra)

Francis R. Appleton (Scorpio)

Henry P. Davidson (Sagittarius)

Henry Walters (Capricornus)

Charles Lanier (Aquarius)

Nelson W. Aldrich (Pisces)