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Draco constellation

Thuban conspiracy regards Alpha Draconis being a homeworld for Draconian beings. “Thuban” derives from the Arabic word ثعبان thuʿbān, meaning 'large snake' (python, serpent, or dragon). Alpha Draconis is a binary star system in Draco constellation.



David Icke professes that Alpha Draconis is the home-world of blood-drinking reptilians who lurk in underground bases and plot against humanity (with the aid of powerful figures such as Queen Elizabeth II).[1]


British conspiracy theorist David Icke connects Reptoids to Alpha Draconis, simply by name comparisons.

Thuban’s Arabic etymology might suggest a “legendary draconian serpent”, only making it convenient to assume that reptoid aliens (erroneously called "Draconians") originate from a star system—when there is no physical evidence to support such a claim.

The history of mapping star constellations involves connecting groups of stars, often in a cluster, as observed from the naked eye on the planet Earth. The naming of stars and constellations has continually changed in every age of humans, from Sumeria, to Indus, to Greco-Roman. Such as the case of Sirius, referred to as an "arrow" by Babylonia, then changed by the Grecians to "dog star".[2]


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