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Time travel conspiracies involve unexplained time anomalies.


Time travel black projects might be responsible for anomalies in the space-time continuum in both the past and future.

The Past

If an event in the past is altered, the person(s) surrounding the event may not even be aware that things around them have changed. Below is a list of events that might be symptoms of time-travel experiments:

  1. The destruction of the Library of Alexandria, the largest and most significant libraries of the ancient world. There is no consensus to when it was destroyed. Proposed dates are: 48 BCE, c. 275 CE, 391 CE, or 642 CE
  2. The plot to kill Jesus of Nazareth by Joseph Caiaphas, the major antagonist. Outside of the interactions with Jesus, little else is known about his tenure as Jewish high priest.
  3. Phantom time hypothesis, 300 years of European history is missing, between 614 CE to 911 CE
The Future

Andrew Basiago warned that there are some who are tempted by future viewings so as to profit great gains. The following list highlights anomalous irresponsibility:[1]

  1. The Soviet collapse
  2. The Great recession of 2008
  3. 9/11 attack on World Trade Center towers[2]

Andrew Basiago[]

Main: Project Pegasus

Andrew Basiago claims that the government has covered-up time travel and that he was part of a series of experiments called Project Pegasus where the government forced children into participating in time travel. The justification for the time-travel branch of Project Pegasus, was to mitigate the threat of a nuclear holocaust posed during the Cold War with the Soviet Union.[1]

Basiago's claims may have been ridiculed, but he isn't the only one who says to have traveled in time. Others include: John Titor, Sir Victor Goddard, and Pellegrino Ernetti.[1]

Photos from the past and classic movies appear to feature people who have modern technology, such as a woman in an old movie with a cellphone, have raised more awareness towards this conspiracy.[1]

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