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Tree octopus is an Internet hoax. A tree octopus is said to be similar to a normal octopus, except that it can be found swinging but some of its eight tentacles through the trees of the Borneo Jungle.

It was said to be last seen in 1854 it is thought by naturalists to either be extinct due to de-forestation or has simply reverted to its previous natuical existence.

The Tree octopus is said to have lungs instead of gills, unlike normal octopus. They also are 'more agressive'. Whereas sea octopus usually retreat when they see humans coming, tree octupus attack. Many humans who have disappeared, could very well have been eaten by these dangerous creatures.

The tree octopus 'has been known to kill human beings by strangling them with their 8ft. tentacles'. There have been 3 'reported killings' from these animals but no one actually died because of this virtual creature.