Foo Fighter

19 Feb. 1945

The UFO cover-up concerns Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs), formally called Foo fighters by US airmen during World War II.


Ufology is a neologism coined to describe the collective efforts of those who study unidentified flying object reports and associated evidence. Not all ufologists believe that UFOs are necessarily extraterrestrial spacecraft, or even that they are objective physical phenomena. Even UFO cases that are exposed as hoaxes, delusions or mis-identifications may still be worthy of serious study from a psycho-social point of view. While Ufology does not represent an academic research program, UFOs have been subject to various investigations over the years, varying widely in scope and scientific rigor.

The following Alien-UFO cover-ups span from World War II, through the Cold War.

World War II

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Vril UFO plans

Cold War

List of the most critical Alien-UFO cases and cover-ups:

Washington DC 1952

Washington DC, July 12, 1952; UFOs in backdrop


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