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The UFO situation conspiracy involves the Gang of Eight's knowledge of the UFO situation regarding Unexplained Aerial Phenomena (UAP) and their impacts on Earth.


Roswell was not an "accidental" crash. In terms of USG security, the non-human entities are documented in USG reports as "foreign bodies". The non-human entities have been providing human governments various forms of technological provisions, throughout the ages, to advance human societies. It began with the knowledge of fire, production of clothes, star navigation, and conceptualizing circumferences since the beginning of human civilization (Compare Books of Enoch).

Ancient man understood the non-humans as gods/spirits/daemons/angels. Modern man, after taking for granted technology, are now easier to dissuade from believing that there is a higher intelligence walking among us. First recorded contact with these beings began with the Abgal 𒉣𒈨 mentioned on Sumerian tablets. It is not clear if they are "alien" or "extraterrestrial"; as there is some indication that they are indigenous to Earth, with the ability to blend into human societies. John Keel proposed the term "ultraterrestrial".

The Ultraterrestrials have a seemingly symbiotic relationship with humans. They use humans as "avatars" (like a hand in a glove). The human puppet may or may not be aware of his/her connection to the Ultraterrestrial (Compare The Cosmic Puppets by PKD). They have the ability to communicate thoughts to the human puppet and even cause the person to physically move (such as out of the way of danger; or to pick up a weapon). Acknowledging awareness of this condition, in the past, has marked people as "insane", "witches", "demon possessed", or someone who believes that "God or a Devil is speaking to them".

The Gang of Eight and past intelligence groups seek to understand the Ultraterrestrials' intentions through programs such as MKUltra (Mind-control programs) and psy programs such as Project Star Gate, Project Sun Streak, and similar programs. The government of China calls it Somatic Science. The KGB has its own E. Special Projects. In 1996, these governments attempted to share their knowledges with each other in a joint effort.

In the past, it was much easier. Humans accepted the Ultraterrestrials as Gods and on occasion, offered human sacrifices to appease them; in turn, their society would advance into a metal age (ie, iron, copper, steel). Human sacrifices now come in the form of abductions; in turn, the governmental agency receives on occasion, advanced tech provisions (50 years ahead of its time). Russia advancing at the same time against the United States in a space age race was no coincidence. Today, space programs are international and joint; one of the few programs where enemy nations get along.

Because the Ultraterrestrials conceal themselves and their identities, using human puppets as "avatars" - there will never be full disclosure. They can be "tricksters" (probably for good reason) and are arguably closely described as djinn in Middle Eastern folklore. The biological entities retrieved from the crash sites are crossbred humanoids. They are not the Ultraterrestrials themselves. They are purposely crossbred for crash retrievals. According to Leonard Stringfield's research notes, the Roswell crash bodies had no digestive system, intestinal, alimentary canal, nor a rectal area.[1]

Joint non-human/governmental agency relations. Tech and biological provisions.

04 Jul 1947    Roswell, New Mexico                 4 entities
13 Feb 1948    Aztec, New Mexico                   12 entities
07 Jul 1948    Mexico, South of Laredo TX          1 entities
       1952    Spizbergen Norway                   2 entities
14 Aug 1952    Ely, Nevada                         16 entities
10 Sep 1950    Albuquerque, New Mexico             3 entities
18 Apr 1953    S.W. Arizona                        N/A entities
20 May 1953    Kingman Arizona                     1 entities
19 Jun 1953    Laredo Texas                        4 entities
10 Jul 1953    Johannesburg, S. Africa             5 entities
13 Oct 1953    Dutton Montana                      4 entities
05 May 1955    Brighton England                    4 entities
18 Jul 1953    Carlsbad, New Mexico                4 entities
12 Jul 1957    Holloman AFB New Mexico             2 entities
10 Nov 1964    Ft. Riley Kansas                    9 entities
27 Oct 1966    N.W. Arizona                        1 entities
08 Jun 1966    5 crashes IN/KY/OH Area             3 entities
18 Jul 1972    Morroco Sahara Desert               3 entities
10 Jul 1973    N.W. Arizona                        5 entities
12 May 1976    Australian Desert                   4 entities
22 Jun 1977    NW Arizona                          11 entities
05 Apr 1977    SW Ohio                             2 entities
17 Aug 1977    Tobasco, Mexico                     2 entities
06 May 1978    Bolivia                             N/A entities
   Nov 1988    Afghanistan                         7 entities
   May 1989    South Africa (trans to Wright AFB)  2 entities
   Jul 1989    Siberia                             9 entities
  1. Status Report II, The UFO Crash/Relrieval Syndrome by Leonard Stringfield