United States Note Vs. Federal Reserve Note

United States conspiracies involve the United States being a Big government by having many US government agencies, which masks the conducting of shadow activities. The Deep State of the United States was enabled by the Federal Reserve Act of 1913, which sold the US monetary system.



The United States reportedly has at least 430 departments justified to run the government.

Government agencies

By having many government agencies, it makes it harder to find blame and to press charges against a perpetrating department and its heads. This is the MO of Big government. The United States reportedly has at least 430 departments.[1]

In the shadows

The mystery of the assassination of US President John F. Kennedy is in itself - telling. With so many fingers in the pie, no one knows what’s really going on. US intelligence becomes so ballsy, it refuses to answer to US Congress. With the support of big Bankers, under a Big government, wallowing around in a broken budget, its easy to conduct rogue activities ‘under the radar’ and be ‘in the shadows’.

Let’s go rogue Edit

  • Silence military veterans from speaking out (Operation Vigilant Eagle)
  • Train and supply Bin Laden groups (Al Queda, ISIS)
  • Incite riots and overthrow Democracies (Egypt)

Let’s go Big Brother Edit

  • Forfeiture (Government sanctioned robbery of private property)


  1. Competitive Enterprise Institute, Nobody Knows How Many Federal Agencies Exist (in the US government), by Clyde Wayne Crews • August 26, 2015


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