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The Universal consciousness refers to the ability to tap into, communicate, or access the consciousness of all matter beyond the social aspect of collective consciousness. Universal consciousness is part of the Cosmic Mind, which utilizes many forms of communication, predominantly Telepathy. Being part of the Cosmic Mind allows one to establish contact with extraterrestrials.


Maya in Indian Religions is the idea that all desires and attachments are temporary, and therefore illusions. All matter exists temporarily, and nothing is permanent. A living bieng is the infinite soul(Inner God), and not it's temporary body. The body is an appendage to the soul, just like one handles a pen or pencil.

Scientifically, "Bose-Einstein condensate is a group of atoms cooled to within a hair of Absolute Zero. When they reach that temperature the atoms are hardly moving relative to each other; they have almost no free energy to do so. At that point, the atoms begin to clump together, and enter the same energy states,"[1] also known as Ground State. "They become identical, from a physical point of view, and the whole group starts behaving as though it were a single atom. "

Absolute Zero is the temperature: 0° Kelvin / −273.15° Celsius / −459.67° Farenheit. All matter above 0°K vibrates in it's atoms. Higher temperature causes faster vibrations, and each element has it's own vibration amplitude. See w:c:Ethics:Oscillating Matter

Humans can harness the psychic ability to change the frequency of vibration(temperature) and/or amplitude of vibration(element).

Cosmic mind[]

BlackHole Lensing

Simulation of gravitational lensing by a black hole, which distorts the image of a galaxy in the background

The Cosmic Mind can be explained in the study of black holes. A black hole is a vortex of a collection of particles, even to the degree of very subtle matter, that is endowed with a rapid rotary motion around an axis. These vorticities are part of the Cartesian theory that account for the formation of the universe. Caroline Cory, author of GOD Among Us: Inside The Mind of the Divine Masters, explores the black hole concept with Dr. Shields of Harvard, in her 2017 film Gods Among Us. Cory describes thought patterns as "thought particles" that can be stored in certain vorticities of the universe, in particular black holes. She explains that the structure of space is configured with black holes that store information on its surface, including thought particles. The information particles stored in the surface of every black hole of the universe can be accessed through Universal consciousness. Once one has linked in to this type of particle information, they can speak extraterrestrial languages, understand extraterrestrial symbols, and access teleportation and time travel. This entire construct makes up the Cosmic Mind.[2]

Global Consciousness Project[]

The GCP, or Global Consciousness Project, led by Roger D. Nelson, is an international, multi-laboratory collaboration founded in 1997 to study collective consciousness. It is said that it attempts to predict future disasters and other global disruptions by perturbations measured by a random number generator in Edinburgh.

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