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Dear United States citizen, from a fellow United States citizen,

We live in the Dark Ages of the United States of America. Karla Turner discovered that not only is the —The Conspiracy Wiki program still going on, but it is connected to UFO Alien abductions. On 10 January 1996, Turner died while having been infected with a highly rapid cancer that supposedly killed her within 1 year of diagnoses. Thereabouts the same day, Phil Schneider dies under mysterious circumstances (See Testimony of Cynthia Schneider Drayer). Schneider made the American public aware of Dulce Base, and publicly professed that he knew his days were numbered. It has been determined from The Dulce Papers that Unethical human experimentation at Dulce has been going on, among many other similar MKUltra projects right into our present day.

David Paulides has even taken the side of caution by not giving too many details about the patterns that connect numerous abductions that are happening worldwide, over the span of decades. I, a United States citizen, believe that Paulides is too frightened to say how they are all connected. The answers we need is NOT to raid Area 51. The answers we need is NOT to get paranoid like poor Bill Cooper. Cooper gave us the UFO Bible, but lost his life foolishly by taking up arms.

Dear United States citizen, “War is a Racket” and The Great War had NOT ended like we thought it did in 1945. Our freedom and liberty can be taken away in the blink of an eye, a-la-carte worse than 9/11 events. Welcome to twenty years of War in Afghanistan (2001–present). No President or political party has been able to end this ongoing war.

Max Spiers, murdered 16 July 2016

It is possible that Max Spiers had some of the answers we needed to help us better equip ourselves for our future to come. But alas, the Death of Max Spiers came before he could say anything in 2016. The black fluid that spewed out of his mouth at death was related to how he died under mysterious circumstances.

Neither gold, nor silver, nor paper money, nor digital coins will save us. Put your guns down, your enemy is not your neighbor. Work together with your fellow mates, because if you cannot do it at home or at work- you may have to work with your fellow man in a FEMA concentration camp.

Yours truly, a United States citizen

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