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Hello there, I'm Shaniqua Brown. So what I think needs to happen is there needs to be actual humans to go through videos on the YouTube app and determine whether they're safe to watch them play Fortnite or not. The main website can do with a bot monitoring it and a report system, but kids aren't able to report things, especially if they don't know it's bad.

I also think parents should at least sit down and watch with their kids. My parents did that with the TV. My mom says that, to this day, she's practically memorized the script to every early SpongeBob episode because of how often I'd watch it with her and my dad. I used to be a high school grad, and my parents did a good job of monitoring my computer usage to make sure I wasn't wandering on to anything related to this disgrace of a game. I spent most of my time on the Disney website, playing Toontown or Club Penguin, and my mom bought some games to download so I could play offline without the risk of bad online interactions.

Sorry for rambling about my early childhood, but in comparison to my peers, I'm much better with computers and typing. I learned to type and use computers by watching videos online and playing games. My parents didn't abandon me to fend for myself online, but they didn't prevent me from going online either. Now I've grown up with the advantage of being more educated on computers and technology, which will be very helpful for the job I want in the future.

My point is that it's a good idea for parents to protect their children from playing Fortnite, but it will actually put their kids at a disadvantage if they don't let them go play Fortnite at all.

But that's my opinion on it. Not that I know much about it, since I'm too young to be a parent myself.