As I was talking to my friend and boyfriend on Facebook, my good friend Ben and my boyfriend Daniel were hanging out together having a casual chat and during midnight they saw this weird strange creature out from the bushes. Ben said "I looked up and it glanced at me. Eyes glowing red and it went so white like a ghost and it was a large figure. And my boyfriend said " I saw a small black cat where I couldn't see it's face. it turned it's back on me and disappeared behind a couple of cars." Ben was seeing this Catman all night till early dawn around 2 or 3 in the morning. Ben said that this creature looked very human. my boyfriend said that it was weird that they saw 2 of different perspectives! I wasn't there at the time they told me this. so I am not sure my self on what it looked like to me. It was very strange the so called creature, "Catman". Let me know in the comments below if you seen any sightings of this allusive "Catman." I would love to know!